Biografia de Mons. Sebastià Taltavull Anglada

Mons. Sebastià Taltavull Anglada was born in Ciutadella de Mallorca (Illes Balears) on the 28th January 1948. After his first studies in the Companyia de Maria and in the Col·legi Salesià, in 1959 he enters the Diocesan Seminar of Menorca and he studies humanities, philosophy and theology. On the 23rd September 1972 he receives the sacerdotal ordination at Menorca’s cathedral, after he studies in the Faculty of Theology and obtains the bachelor’s degree in dogmatic theology.

The same day of the ordination, he is named director of the Casa diocesana d’Espiritualitat of Monte Toro (1972-1984) and diocesan delegate of Youth (1972-1989); and two years later, rector of the Seminari Diocesà de la Mare de Déu de Monte Toro, patroness of Menorca (1975-1984).

He is elected secretary of the first Consell Diocesà de Pastoral (1973-1977) and secretary of the Consell del Presbiteri i del Col·legi de Consultors (1983-1989). He develops the posts of religious advisor and teacher of religion in the Col·legi de Nostra Senyora de la Consolació (1973-1978), teacher of religion in the Institut de batxillerat Josep M. Quadrado, of Ciutadella (1977-1989), and councillor of the Moviment de Joves Cristians, of the life revision groups of the MUEC and of the scouts.

He receives the task of formative (1977-1984) and teacher of dogmatic theology (1977-1994) of the Seminar and the Institut Diocesà de Teologia. He is named rector of the Diocesan Seminar (1995-2002); and in 1984, rector of Sant Rafael de Ciutadella, post that he has until 1992, when he is named councillor of the Centre Catequístic de Sant Miquel (1992-2005).

On the 23rd September 1989 he is named general vicar of the diocese of Menorca and moderator of the Cúria, posts that he exercises until 2002, when he is named rector of the parish of the Mare de Déu del Roser in the Cathedral and of Sant Francesc d’Assís in Ciutadella, and elected president dean of the Capitol and penitentiary of the Cathedral (2002-2005). Between 1996 and 1998, when it takes place, he has the task of being the moderator of the diocesan assembly of Menorca.

Likwise, besides working in the departments of Catequesi d’Adolescents i Joves of the Secretariat Diocesà de Catequesi (1973-1995), he is named diocesan delegate of Catequesi (1989-1995) and takes part in the Secretariat Interdiocesà de Catequesi de Catalunya i Balears (SIC), specially dedicated to the catechesis for teenagers, youth and families.

As a councillor he has worked in the Equips de Matrimonis de Nostra Senyora (1988-2005) and dedicated to the preparation and formation of catechists (1973-1998) and married couples catechists for groups of family Catechesis (1998-2005). During 2002-2005 he was named diocesan delegate of Mitjans de Comunicació Social i per les Relacions Institucionals.

Now, and since 2002, he is a member of the Consell Assesor de la Subcomissió de Catequesi of the CEE and, since June 2005, director of the Secretariat de la Comissió Episcopal de Pastoral of the Conferència Episcopal Espanyola.

He is the author of many books, publications and articles about pastoral questions, catechesis, family, youth, spirituality and social doctrine of the Church.

He received the Episcopal ordination at the Cathedral of Barcelona on the 21st March 2009.


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